Which Orthodontic Treatment Is Right For Me?

At Balance Advanced Dentistry & Orthodontics, we proudly offer oral healthcare for the whole family in one place. However, in this blog, we will focus specifically on the orthodontic side.

We know it can be a little scary to be told you need to consider orthodontic treatment. It can be overwhelming to sort through all the options available for treatment, especially if you qualify for all of them! That’s what we’re here for! Let’s discuss the three different treatment options we have at Balance Advanced Dentistry & Orthodontics to ease any anxiety or confusion you might be feeling about orthodontic care.

metal braces duluth

Metal Braces

When most people think of orthodontic care, they probably think of traditional metal braces. This treatment option has earned its reliable reputation because it has the ability to safely and effectively treat even the most complex of orthodontic needs. 

Our office uses brackets that need ligatures (the elastics that hold the wire to the bracket) and self-litigating brackets (no ligatures required). Both bracket types work wonderfully, but the best one for you depends on your alignment needs.

Braces have many other accessories besides ligatures (like spacers, elastics, and orthodontic bands) that allow them to help you fix your alignment, no matter the complications. 

Metal braces are the most durable option, so if you or your family member is likely to be rough on their appliances, we recommend this treatment option. Their strength also makes them the best route for those who need jaw alignment adjustments.

Patients with braces must adjust their oral hygiene routine and diet to accommodate the metal in their mouth. Metal braces are the most noticeable treatment choice.

clear braces duluth

Clear Braces

Clear braces, also known as ceramic braces, are very similar to their metal predecessor. Clear braces use a ceramic mix of materials to create a tooth-color bracket. When combined with matching ligatures, these braces create the illusion of invisible braces. Ceramic braces are perfect for patients who don’t want or don’t qualify for Invisalign but still desire an aesthetic treatment option.

While still durable, these are slightly more fragile than metal braces. Wearers of clear braces have more responsibility to prevent chipping and staining in order to maintain their braces’ appearance and condition. Like metal braces, patients with clear braces must also adjust their diet and oral hygiene routine. This level of care makes them ideal for adults and older teenagers. 

Because they cannot withstand as much tension put the wire, clear braces can sometimes take longer than metal braces to treat the same issues. When choosing between metal and clear braces, consider the length of time you want or are willing to spend in treatment.

clear aligners duluth


If you don’t need something as heavy-duty as metal braces but clear braces don’t offer the flexibility you need, we also offer clear aligners through Invisalign! Clear aligners are removable transparent trays. Like braces, they straighten the teeth by applying pressure, though that is where their similarity ends.

This treatment option has the most subtle aesthetic. Most people won’t know you’re undergoing treatment unless you tell them! The trays are custom-made for every patient, giving them a snug and comfortable fit. 

The removability of the trays allows users to make little to no changes to their lifestyle. The aligners need to be removed for tray maintenance, oral hygiene, and eating and drinking anything other than water. While they need to be worn for twenty-two hours a day for maximum benefits, users are able to make minimal changes to their oral hygiene routine and diet without sacrificing their treatment experience or results.

Invisalign is available for children, teens, and adults with mild orthodontic needs. Before choosing clear aligners as your treatment option, be sure you can commit to wearing and cleaning the trays appropriately every day. Invisalign can straighten teeth in as little as six months, but neglecting or forgetting to wear the aligners can prolong your overall treatment time. Unclean trays can also cause oral health issues, like tooth decay and gum disease, that could cause pain or damage to your smile.

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With so many options, narrowing down the best one for you can be tricky without guidance! Our doctors are passionate about improving your life through your smile. Our knowledgeable team has all the equipment and experience necessary to examine your teeth and jaw alignment, as well as ensure the health of your teeth and gums.

Do you have more questions that we didn’t answer here? Or are you ready to discover which option we recommend for you? Contact us today to begin your orthodontic journey by scheduling your free orthodontic consultation at one of our many convenient locations! We also offer virtual orthodontic consultations for our extra-busy families to kickstart the process.

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