Straight Smiles for Kids, Teens, & Adults

Your smile lasts your entire lifetime, and you deserve a treatment plan that does the same. Whether you’re seven or seventy-three, the team at Balance Advanced Dentistry & Orthodontics is here to straighten your smile and give you the confidence that comes with it.

Orthodontics for Kids

You want the best for your children, and as a family practice, we understand that. The Balance Advanced Dentistry & Orthodontics team loves working with kids to give them a head start on a lifetime of confident smiles, so you can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands.

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Your Child’s First Appointment

Did you know that your child should visit an orthodontist by the time they turn seven? According to the American Association of Orthodontists, the younger your child is when they start orthodontic treatment, the easier it is to shift their teeth into gear.

When kids are young, their jaws are constantly growing to accommodate new teeth. During this time, the teeth move easily with treatment, allowing for a shorter treatment time—especially in patients who undergo early treatment.

Treatment in Two Phases

Not every child needs early treatment, but for those that do, Dr. Hernandez uses a two-phase treatment plan that aligns their teeth over time. Usually, two-step orthodontic treatments begin between the ages of seven and nine, when your child still has many of their baby teeth.

At this age, your child will wear braces for a year or two during a period we call active treatment. Then, Dr. Hernandez will remove them, and your child will wear a retainer for about three years during a phase we call retention. Finally, we’ll begin the second round of treatment to give your child the fully-functional and confident smile they deserve.

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Treatment for Teens

For most teens in Duluth, braces and Invisalign treatment at Balance Advanced Dentistry & Orthodontics starts between the ages of 11-16. If your teen has issues with spacing, crowding, or bite alignment, Dr. Hernandez is on the case.

Effective Methods

Your child’s teenage years are the best time for most patients to start orthodontic treatment. That’s because your teen has all of their adult teeth, but they are still growing. Dr. Hernandez can take advantage of these natural growth patterns to give your child the best smile possible.

Making sure your teen gets orthodontic treatment means they’ll get the benefits of a straight smile at the most effective age possible. From improved oral hygiene to higher self-esteem, the benefits are endless.

Orthodontics for Adults

Did you know that one in every five Balance Advanced Dentistry & Orthodontics patients is an adult? Dr. Hernandez offers treatment plans for people of all ages, so there’s no better time than now to get started on a beautiful smile!

Orthodontics for adults

It’s Never Too Late!

There is no such thing as being too old for orthodontic treatment. More adults than ever are seeking straighter teeth for many more reasons than one.

From advancements in modern dentistry that allow for more discreet and less invasive orthodontic treatments to addressing other health issues, braces aren’t becoming popular for cosmetic reasons alone.